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Residencia de Ancianos literally translated, means Home of the Elderly. What started out as a simple wish by a lot of people, who want the best care for their parents, became a reality when Residencia started having its well trained geriatric nurses care for the elderly in the beginning of the year 2013. It really started out as a dream when a group of doctors banded with their families and close friends to create a facility solely for the care of the elderly. Under the guidance and supervision of the medical director. The nurses have evolved into the finest geriatric nurses that patiently care for our baby boomers. The facility boasts of a homey ambiance that makes all the elderly patients feel relaxed and the nurses that take care of them are well known for their welcoming, happy, and unrelenting way of providing the best and well-programmed day-care activities to suit each and every elderly patient’s medical needs.










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Address: #19 Duque St Phase 2 AFPOVAI, Western Bicutan, Taguig,  Philippines

Cellphone: +63998-999-0412

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Dr. John Harold N. Ong



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