Why Residencia?

Why is Residencia one of a kind? First, Residencia de Ancianos is both a geriatric day-care center and a nursing home rolled into one. After undergoing a Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment, the elderly patient is then introduced to the day-care activity that stimulates their entire well-being. The care that our patients receive assures that the quality of life of each and every patient is attained holistically. This means that the improvement of the well being of the elderly and retired guests (“reteristas”) will range from physical, social, emotional, to spiritual well being.

As a day-care facility, the patient will be smothered with attention by a cast of all registered nurses that will assist them in mental, artistic, social, and physical activities. As a nursing home, they will be cared for 24/7 by nurses that will religiously give their maintenance medications as well as monitor their nutrition, physical conditioning, and participation and socialization with other guests in the day care program. That is why Residencia will be their home away from home. Second, Residencia boasts of a system which ensures that every guest is monitored by the staff nurses. Updates on their mental, physical, and behavioral status are regularly reported to the medical director. Thus, the medical director can constantly advise and give the best activity and care suited for the elderly patient specifically for that day. The day care program developed by the medical director will develop the flexibility of behavior, lessen the mood swings experienced by most elderly people, decrease the chances of depression, increase the dexterity of the fine and gross motor reflexes of the patients, and enhance socialization skills with other people.